About the city and the region

About the city

Comacchio is a beautiful city in the northeastern part of the province of Ferrara (Emilia-Romagna region) built on thirteen islands of the Po River. Italians call this city a small Venice. The hotel «Villa Cavour» is within walking distance of the main attractions of the city and the central bridge - Trepponti.

Comacchio’s sights:

  • The architectural complex Trepponti, also sometimes called "Ponte Vallotta" - the most famous bridge and a monument in Comacchio
  • Cathedral of Comacchio - a brick cathedral of 1740
  • Museum of the Roman ship - a museum devoted to one ship, an important archaeological find
  • Valli di Comacchio – “Fish Cages of Comacchio"


About the region

Emilia Romagna is a picturesque Italian region, where the cultural program of ancient stone cities is easily combined with the relax on the sea sandy coasts. Emilia-Romagna is also one of the gastronomic and winemaking centers of Italy and the birthplace of the automobile plants Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati.


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